Spiritual & Religious candles have been used for centuries. Most religions and spiritual beliefs incorporate candles & prayers in their rituals. Below is a list of candles for Saints, Angels, Christ, and others. By reading their intention it will assist you in choosing the right candle(s) for yourself and your intentions.

If you need pricing or assistance in choosing the right candle to assist in attaining your heart's desires. Please let me know your situation and what you are seeking. Then I can help you choose. Each kit contains a candle & easy to follow instructions.

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Stay With Me
To Keep Your Man/Women Faithful

Love Cleanse
For You To Help Her Relationship

For Success In Any Matter

To Protect You

Fast Divorce
For A Fast Breakup Or Divorce

St. Peter the Apostle

Use for strength, mercy, and forgiveness of sins.

Ste. Barbara
She strengthens faith and protects from all evil

St. Anthony of Padua
Ask the "Saint of Miracles" to assist with your goals.

Ste. Clare of Assisi
Use when in quest of knowledge or understanding

Archangel Michael
For deliverance from one's enemies, and for courage

St. Martin de Porres
Aid those who suffer from racial injustice

Archangel Gabriel
Grants wishes and hopes to mortals

Ste. Elena
Overcome burdens of sorrow, despondency or sadness

#St. Jude of Thaddeus
Saint of the impossible and hopeless

Lady of Perpetual Help
Draw Comfort, Confidence and Assistance.

23rd Psalm
Goodness and mercy will follow you always.

The Holy Family
Protection and love within
the family


Bring New Love
For a Woman/Men To Attract A Love.

Marriage Proposal
To Attract A Marriage Proposal

For Luck In Money & Business

To Break A Spell That Has Been Cast Against You

To Reverse Situations

Archangel Raphael

Extremely healing to all living beings

San Cipriano
Draw relief from worry, pain or misfortune

St. Alex
Protect one from Satan and all other foes

St. Lazarus
Saint of the poor can bring many blessings.

St. Simon
Relieve pains, aides the sick, and help the poor

Ste. Marta
Aids & protects to overcome all difficulties

St. Martin Caballero
The protector of the poor

St. Raymond
Peace & love with the home and family

Ste. Mercedes
Saint of redemption and mercy

Our Lady of Guadalupe
Protector of the poor

Lady of Fatima
Protection of the children

Miraculous Mother
Bestow strength to perform one's daily duties.

Holy Trinity
The Father, the Son, & the Holy Ghost

For You To Seduce A Man/Women

Fast Money
To Attract Money Quickly

Banish Negativity
To Get Rid Of Negativity

To Help Improve
Emotional Health

Legal Success
For Success In All Legal Matters

Sacred Heart
Brings multitudes of blessings

Resolution from past errors

Nino De Atocha
His flame brings freedom from punishment, sin and guilt.

Jesus Malverde
Protection from enemies.

Child de Prague
An aid for those who are sick or infirm.

Justo Juez (Holy Judge)
Protection in war from enemies, harm or blood spilt

John the Conqueror
Protection, defense and security.

Juan Salado
Assist you in fighting your own battles.

7 African Powers
For success and help with difficult problems

Tobacco Oil Candle
Clears out negativity surrounding any situation.

La Mano Poderosa (Powerful Hand)
Seeking comfort in difficult times.

Dama du Milagrosa (Miraculous Lady)
The lady of miracles/The Virgin Mary

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